Do you struggle to meet new friends, but want to make new connections through the use of technology? Look no further than your trusty smartphone!

While dating apps have been popular for some time now, the apple app store has a whole other world of apps out there aimed at helping you make friends, such as Bumble BFF, Skout, and Meetup.

These apps allow you to connect with like-minded people from around, whether it's for meeting fellow dog lovers or finding your squad of yoga enthusiasts. Some of these apps even have gender-specific options, like Hey! VINA for those who want to meet female friends. Many of these apps also offer group conversations, events, and even live video streams to help you connect with other users.

So whether you're looking to simply meet friends in your area or you're planning to move to a new city and want to meet new people, these friend-making apps are the perfect solution for you.

In this article, we'll walk you through the best apps to make friends, how to use them, and why they're such a game-changer in the world of technology. So, let's dive in!

Benefits of Making Friends Through Apps

Social media tools for friend-making have grown in popularity for good reason. These many apps for socialising have several perks. First, it's easy to connect with like-minded people using location-based apps from anywhere, anytime by joining communities on popular dating apps.

With a location-based app's algorithm, you can swipe right or left on your phone and meet new people who share your hobbies. without leaving your house.

Secondly, online applications let users meet local friends from diverse countries, backgrounds, and lifestyles they might not otherwise meet, for example those who love attending dog friendly events.

Thirdly, such apps make it easy for people in a particular life stage to discover friends with similar interests through features like group chat, which can lead to lifelong friendships and job advancement.

Finally, using applications to make friends helps reduce loneliness, especially for newcomers or individuals who have trouble making friends in person. These location-based apps can help people feel connected and adjust to new environments.

In conclusion, using applications to make friends is easy, diversified, efficient, and reduces loneliness. It's no wonder why these apps are becoming more popular for socialising.

Safety Tips When Using Friend-Making Apps

Most friend-making apps offer a platform for connecting with potential friends based on shared interests and like-minded people. These location-based apps or social media platforms allow you to swipe left or right and join communities to find new friends. However, these apps also come with potential risks that need to be considered.

To protect your private information from unwelcome strangers, it's recommended that you only share what's necessary and don't provide any personal information such as your phone number or address.

Additionally, consider using apps that conduct background checks on all users or require no personal information at all for extra precautions. To further ensure your safety, it's important to only join friend groups that have been verified and recommended by the app.

Remember to always trust your intuitive judgement if you feel uneasy about someone you've met on a friend-making app, and prioritize safety over everything else.

1. Meetup: The App for Joining Groups With Similar Interests

Meetup, the private social networking app that falls under the category of friendship apps, is a safe space where you can connect with like-minded people and create or join interest-based groups.

Thanks to its smart matching algorithm, this friendship app can help you find a friend group who share your interests, whether you're looking to join a book club, culinary workshop, or sporting events. With over 40 million members, Meetup is a terrific platform for those looking to find friends, meet female friends, or simply attend live streams of events targeted to their interests.

Users can attend events, conversations, and meet-ups targeted to their interests and be notified of local events with the various organizations using the app. The app lets you connect with other members and organizers using built-in group messaging, making it easy to discuss event information and coordinate arrangements.

Additionally, the calendar helps users remember future events and appointments, so they never miss a chance to socialize and make friends through this app. So, whether you're new to a place or just trying to broaden your social circle, Meetup is an ideal friendship app that lets you create meaningful relationships while sharing your hobbies and interests with others.

2. Bumble BFF: The App for Finding Friends, Not Dates

Bumble BFF is a popular app for finding friends rather than romantic partners. It is a unique app that lets you connect with like-minded people who share specific interests. The app allows you to join social groups, such as a running club, sports team or other interest-based communities.

Bumble BFF is designed to empower women by providing them with a safe and secure platform to make friends. The app is very effective in helping people make new friends as it allows you to filter results by region, age, gender, and other characteristics.

By connecting with like-minded people, you have the potential to form lifelong friendships that can enrich your life. If you're new to a place or simply want to try something new, Bumble BFF is definitely worth trying.

3. Friender: The App with Personality Matching

Friender is available in the Apple App Store and is recognized as one of the best apps for making potential friends. Unlike other users, Friender has a unique algorithm designed to match like-minded individuals based on their personality, hobbies, and values.

The private social networking app ensures that friendships are founded on shared interests and specific values, making it easier to translate connections made on the app to real life.

With virtual gifts, fan groups, and the ability to host events through the app, interactions become more meaningful and engaging. Users can also choose gender, age, and community preferences, allowing them to join groups of individuals who share similar values.

By prioritizing positive relationships and meaningful social connections, Friender offers a secure and inclusive community where users can easily connect with others through voice chat, exchange experiences, and explore similar interests. Overall, Friender offers a promising way to make lasting virtual and real-life friendships.

4. Hey! VINA: The App for Women Seeking Female Friendship

In a world where meeting new people can be a daunting task, some women often struggle to form meaningful connections with other women. Hey! VINA simplifies the process by providing a location-based and free app that helps women meet like-minded people through shared interests and events.

The sign-up procedure begins by importing a Facebook profile and answering a series of questions to determine personality and interests. The app then suggests local buddies based on their answers.

Hey! VINA goes beyond matchmaking by providing in-app groups and events to facilitate friendships. This app caters exclusively to creating female friendships, making it similar to the Bumble dating app.

For moms seeking other moms for friendship, Hey! VINA is an excellent option to make connections beyond small talk. Hey! VINA values strong, lasting connections and offers a premium edition, VINA VIP, with handpicked matches and early event access. Download Hey! VINA for a chance to meet new, like minded female friends in your area.

5. Patook: The App for Platonic Relationships Only

Patook is a top-rated location-based app, set apart from most social apps as it exclusively caters to those seeking only platonic relationships with like-minded people.

One of its unique features includes allowing users to join interest groups or connect with others through sports teams, all while ensuring that no unwanted romantic advances are made.

Patook comes equipped with an advanced algorithm, which matches individuals based on their interests and values, making it an excellent tool for young people new to a city or looking for a pastime partner.

In a world where social apps are known to foster flirty behavior, Patook guarantees genuine connections and upfront communication to avoid any misunderstandings.

6. Meet My Dog: The App for Dog Owners to Connect

Meet My Dog is one of the top friendship apps that helps dog owners connect with friends online. This incredible app is perfect for those who are passionate about their furry friends and want to meet like minded people nearby.

With the help of location-based technology, users can easily schedule playdates and meet other dog owners. Additionally, the app offers audio rooms to explore different parts of the city with other dog lovers.

By submitting images of your dog and setting up a canine profile, you can quickly start expanding your social circle and meeting new dog owners along with their lovely pups. Download Meet My Dog today to join the community of dog owners using apps to make friends!

Which Friend-Making App is Right for You?

Finding the perfect friend-making app that aligns with your personality, hobbies, and preferences is crucial in expanding your social circle. If you are looking for like-minded people, opt for Meetup and Nearify both highly recommended interest group apps. Lately, female users have been turning to Bumble BFF and Hey! VINA for making new female friendships.

For fitness enthusiasts, it's easy to join groups on Strava and MyFitnessPal. On the other hand, Wandure, Huggle, and Dil Mil use algorithms to match users with people who share similar values, beliefs, and lifestyle for more meaningful interactions.

Although most apps offer chat rooms and live stream features, Google Play offers a broad range of options, including location based apps, which can help you connect with friends in your area.

Additionally, you could even try professional networking apps to find friends at work or create your own events. Whatever your schedule and needs, there's an app that caters to it. However, keep in mind that finding your tribe on any app takes time, so remember to be patient and genuine. 

Remember, the goal is to engage with the world and meet new individuals. So, why not try one of these apps and connect with someone new today?


You can socialize and enjoy an amazing social life without drinking. Find activities you enjoy and you'll naturally meet people who share your interests. Be yourself and stay true to your values. When you are authentic, you attract people who appreciate you for who you are. Surround yourself with supportive friends and set clear sobriety boundaries. Follow these methods to make deep connections and enjoy a successful social life without relying on alcohol.