Finding like-minded moms who understand your everyday problems and joys is one of the hardest parts of motherhood. Thanks to technology, local moms can use a variety of apps to interact with other moms globally. These applications help you develop a community of new mom friends who can exchange expert advice and motherhood experience. There's an app for every mom, whether you're a new mom looking for playdates, a stay-at-home mom seeking in-app deals, or a working mom of the same age.

We'll look at the top apps created for moms to help you establish other mom friends and build a support system to make parenthood easier and more fun. So relax and browse our top mom-friendly apps to find your tribe.

1. Peanut

Peanut is a popular choice for mums wishing to make new connections or find support throughout their journey because it connects mums in a safe and caring atmosphere. Peanut offers something for every mom—stay-at-home, working, single, or otherwise.

It calls itself a "social network for mothers" and connects local mums with like-minded peers through an easy-to-use interface. Users can swipe through prospective matches based on geography and age and communicate after matching.

Peanut hosts general conversation forums and communities for parents, including one for pregnancy and postpartum depression. Mums can form and join communities to share parenting and lifestyle tips, and "Peanut Pages" features helpful articles and information right in the app.

2. Mom Life

Mom Life App is an excellent platform specifically designed to cater to the needs of mothers seeking companionship and support. With its user-friendly interface and an array of features, this app allows mothers to connect, communicate, and forge long-lasting connections. Whether you're a new mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a working mom, Mom Life App offers a supportive community where you can find advice, companionship, and encouragement.

Notably, mums can join interest-based mom groups, engage in meaningful discussions, and participate in app-organized events and meetups. The app makes it easy to share photos and gives people a place to ask questions and seek guidance.

Moreover, Mom Life App is a valuable resource hub, offering a wealth of articles, tips, and expert advice on topics ranging from pregnancy to child development. By using the Mom Life App, mothers can foster genuine relationships and become part of a supportive community that understands and celebrates the journey of motherhood.

3. Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is similar to Bumble, but focuses solely on forming new relationships. After signing up, users can create a profile with a bio and photos to introduce themselves. They can also search for potential connections by distance and interests.

If you like someone, you can initiate a conversation with them by swiping right. Bumble BFF features "Vibes," which are groupings of people who share interests, such as new mothers, fitness enthusiasts, and foodies. If you are a travelling mum, "Travel Mode" on Bumble BFF can be a great way to connect with other mums in new cities and discover all the best local spots.

Bumble BFF prioritizes authentic, respectful, and genuine conversations, ideal for mums looking to connect with women who share similar values, hobbies, and interests. Connecting with like-minded women has never been easier with Bumble BFF.

4. Hey! VINA

Hey! VINA is an app that caters to the needs of women, providing them with a safe and welcoming platform to meet like-minded moms in their area. The app uses a compatibility algorithm to match users based on shared values and personalities.

With the app's user-friendly interface, you can easily create a profile and find friends with whom you share common interests. Plus, with the "Vina Love" feature, you can ask for valuable advice, exchange experiences, and offer emotional support to other local moms.

With the "Shout Out" function, you can post messages seeking specific friends or activity partners. Overall, Hey! VINA has become a popular choice for moms looking to find friends who understand the challenges of raising children and provides a secure space for women to connect and support each other through all stages of life.

5. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social network app that serves as an excellent platform for staying informed about local news, safety alerts, and promoting family-friendly events. Additionally, it also lets you connect with other moms in your neighborhood. Unlike a dating app, Nextdoor focuses on facilitating connections with like-minded moms, whether they are newcomers or long-term residents.

With its diverse features, Nextdoor enables you to stay updated and also organize playdates for your children. Moreover, it offers a convenient platform for buying and selling items within your community, allowing you to find interesting used items from your neighbors.

Nextdoor helps you expand your social circle and establish a sense of belonging in your neighborhood. So why wait? Start using Nextdoor today to discover all its free features and connect with other moms.

Three women with their arms around each other
There are several apps where you can meet other mom friends in your area and have a blast with

6. Meetup

Meetup is the perfect app for like-minded moms who are looking to make new connections and find support within their community. With the ability to search for groups by interest and location, it's easy to find groups of moms who share similar experiences.

The Meetup app doesn't just provide support, it also offers activities for fitness, crafts, outdoors and so on. You can attend events, which is a great idea and a starting point for meeting new moms or start your own group If you can't find one that suits your needs.

Meetup is a valuable platform for connecting with local moms who share similar experiences. Interacting with moms who understand your challenges can be incredibly valuable, whether you're a new mom or have been parenting for a while. Meetup helps facilitate these connections, allowing you to find the community and support that can make the journey of parenthood more enjoyable.

7. Moms Meet

Moms Meet is the perfect app for making mom friends, for moms to be who are looking passionate about organic products, wellness, and natural living to connect.

What sets Moms Meet apart is its product sampling program, allowing members to try and review free natural and organic products. By sharing their experiences, moms can offer recommendations and insights within the community. This creates an opportunity to connect with other mums while discovering products that align with their values.

Furthermore, Moms Meet organizes community events both online and in-person, such as meetups, workshops, and playdates. These events foster a strong sense of community and support, enabling moms to build lasting friendships beyond the online world.

Moms Meet features a Mom Ambassador program where select members become leaders and organizers in their communities. These ambassadors play a vital role in planning and hosting local events, promoting friendship and a sense of belonging.

It provides access to expert content and resources on health, wellness, parenting, and natural living. This enables mothers to make informed decisions for their families with accurate information. With Moms Meet's unique features, you’ll have a blast meeting other mums in your niche.


Making friends as a mom can be challenging due to exhaustion, busyness, and limited socializing time. However, having a support system of friends is crucial for mothers, providing the much-needed support, advice, and companionship. To find new friends, you can try the app, a dedicated social network designed exclusively for mothers. This app offers a unique opportunity to connect with other moms in your neighborhood who share similar interests, such as painting or outdoor activities. By doing so, you create an opportunity to meet new people and form a reliable support network.

One of the key benefits of is the ability to connect with moms who can truly relate to your experiences, offering valuable insights and understanding regarding the challenges of parenthood. Within the app, you can engage in discussions focused on parenting, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, allowing you to ask questions and tap into the collective wisdom of other moms.

Additionally, provides a secure and friendly space where you can be yourself and openly discuss real issues that matter to you. Through blogging, mums have the opportunity to share their unique stories and experiences, while also gaining inspiration from blogs written by fellow mums.

To maximize your experience on, it is important to be authentic and genuine. It can be challenging to build real connections with others if they sense insincerity. Furthermore, people with a positive attitude tend to draw others towards them, so make sure your profile exudes positivity and enthusiasm.

Building friendships takes time and effort, so don’t get discouraged if you don't find an immediate connection. By consistently using the app, you'll soon be making meaningful connections with other amazing mothers.

9. Hello Mamas

The Hello Mamas app is a powerful platform that enables mums to connect and make new friends. Mums can find their ideal match on the platform thanks to its sophisticated matching algorithm that takes into account factors such as location, interests, children's ages, and parenting approach.

Through engaging in-person activities such as playdates and coffee dates, mums have ample opportunities to bond. Hello Mamas takes safety very seriously, they have implemented rigors privacy measures and a thorough profile verification process to ensure the utmost security of its users.

Hello Mamas is also a safe place for seeking advice and emotional support. It's an ideal platform for mums to find friends and a strong support network as they face motherhood.

10. Follow Up on New Connections

To truly cultivate meaningful relationships, it's essential to follow up with those you've met. Of course, it's important to have realistic expectations and not expect to become best friends right away. Arranging a meet-up after exchanging contacts shows your interest in potentially building a great friendship.

it's all too easy to let new found connections slip through the cracks. So take the time to plan and execute a strategy that will help you stay in touch with potential friends and keep those relationships thriving. Remember, building a good friendship takes time and effort from both parties, so be patient and consistent in your efforts.

To Sum Up

These apps are great for making it easier to find new mum friends. You'll find features that enable you to connect with other mums in your area, find parents who share your passions, or simply chat with someone who understands the joys and challenges of parenthood. They provide a safe and supportive space for mothers to connect with each other through forums, chats, and in-person events. These apps can assist you in finding your ideal mum friend.