The 20s is a time of transitions and changes for many people. We may have graduated from college, moved to a new place, started a new career, or simply feel unclear about our future. Having supportive friends can ease these transitions. However, making friends in your 20s is more challenging than in your teens, where you were surrounded by people your age.

Cheer up, with a little effort and putting yourself out there, you can make lifelong friends. So, if you are looking to expand your circle of friends, here are 10+ fun and easy ways to make friends in your 20s.

Why We Lose Friends in Our 20s

Our twenties are a time of growth, both personally and professionally. We may relocate, change jobs, or form new relationships. As a result, we could grow apart from long-time friends, and we may no longer share as much with old pals. When we enter the workforce, we may struggle to make new friends, making the transition tough.

Neglecting friendships is easy when we are busy building our careers and navigating adulthood. In our 20s, we should accept that friendships may change and that it's good to outgrow some. However, we should prioritise and strengthen our happy and fulfilling relationships.

By being open to new experiences, actively seeking out opportunities to meet others, and making time for the people we care about, we develop strong, long-lasting friendships that will enrich our lives.

1. Identify Your Values and Interests

Finding friends in your 20s requires a clear understanding of who you are and what you value. This will help you to meet people you are compatible with and enjoy fulfilling activities. Take time to reflect on what you're passionate about, what you value, what you enjoy doing in your leisure time, and what your goals are, and find people who share similar interests.

Once you've identified your values and goals, joining a club that shares your interests is a great way to meet new people. Attending events related to your interests is another opportunity to meet others with similar opinions. You'll feel more comfortable being yourself and making deeper, more meaningful connections with those who share your values and hobbies.

Remember that making friends is about creating genuine connections, and identifying your beliefs and interests is the first step to finding them. Be yourself and look for those who share your interests and experiences.

2. Understand Your Personality and Communication Style

Making friends in your 20s requires a strong understanding of your personality and communication style. If we don't know ourselves, it's hard to connect with others.

First, identify your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. This shows you how you and others perceive the world. Additionally, self-awareness can also help you improve your social skills and be mindful of how you present yourself.

Another aspect is your communication style. Knowing your communication style whether verbal, written, or visual helps you connect with others who use the same style. It can help you understand how others communicate and adjust your mode accordingly.

3. Reach Out to Those With Similar Interests

Connecting with others who share your interest is a great way of meeting like minded individuals. There are many people who enjoy sports, reading, music, or other hobbies.

You can meet new people and improve your passions by joining groups that align with your interests. For example If you like hiking, join a local hiking group for a weekend trip. If you love cooking, join a cooking club or take a cooking class.

Join others who share your interests at events and online forums. You never know who you'll meet or who you'll develop long-lasting friendships with.

It's important to keep in touch with those who share your passion to keep the friendship going. Remember "out of sight, out of mind".

4. Go to Events

Events are great places for 20-somethings to make friends. You can find concerts, festivals, networking events, and workshops that interests you. When deciding where to go, choose events that match with you love and will most likely meet people with interests that complement yours.

Attend events alone instead of with friends. This encourages you to have conversations with the people present and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Be welcoming during events. Smile, make eye contact, and introduce yourself. Ask questions and show interest in their responses. Once you connect, don't hesitate to exchange contacts.

Follow them up with for example a phone call after the event and plan to meet; that one encounter can lead to lasting bonds.

5. Volunteer

One way to make friends in your 20s is by volunteering. As a result, you help the community and meet new people. Local charities, non-profits, animal shelters, and community centers provide many volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering and socialising with other volunteers can be quite rewarding and can lead to lifelong friendships with amazing people who are passionate about helping others.

Volunteering also provides you with skills and experience which is beneficial at the workplace and your personal life. Find a cause you care about and volunteer to make an impact and expand your social circle.

6. Reach Out on Social Media

Interest-based groups on social media such as exercise groups, travel communities, and groups centered around specific hobbies or interests are a great way to make friends. Being part of such groups will give you something to talk about and an opportunity to mingle.

7. Find Your School's Local Alumni Group

You can make friends in your 20's through your school's local alumni association. These groups are ideal for connecting people who share similar experiences. Alumni groups organise events such as volunteer opportunities, networking events and happy hours year-round.

Attending alumni events is a golden opportunity to network and meet new people. In addition, many alumni groups offer mentoring programs for those starting their careers.

You can find more information about alumni groups on their social media profiles or websites where you may reach out. Joining your alumni group is a great opportunity to meet other people and also reconnect with individuals you have a history with.

8. Attend Networking Events

Networking events are an essential part of building your social life, as they offer a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and business contacts. Attending such gatherings is perfect for establishing new acquaintances, especially if you're interested in meeting people with similar ambitions.

Networking events provide an excellent avenue for meeting people from other fields and learning from their abilities and expertise, which you may not have. You can also grab the chance to exchange business cards, which will help you maximize the occasion.

If you're unsure of how to begin a conversation, you can start by introducing yourself, ask others about their expectations, and show interest in their responses.

Developing a friendship takes time, meeting in public such as a coffee shop, can increase your chances of meeting individuals you can connect with on a deeper level.

Always be yourself; authenticity attracts like-minded people and may even help you reconnect with a long-lost family member. By attending networking events with an open mind and a desire to connect, you may meet your next best friend.

9. Don't Be Afraid to Make the First Move

In your 20s, when everyone has their own set of buddies, making friends might be intimidating - especially when you want to balance new and old friends. However, building relationships is important for your mental health. Making the first move may be awkward at first, but it can lead to lasting relationships with people who share common interests with you.

Attending social events is one way to start meeting new friends who are not in the same circle as your old friends. Group activities that align to your interests can introduce you to new people, and broaden your horizons by breaking away from the same people you usually hang out with.

Approaching someone you admire or share interests with is another way to start making new friends. Starting a conversation about their book or complementing their clothes is a great way to break the ice. Ask for their number or invite them to lunch or coffee to get to know them better.

Social media has a massive influence when it comes to making new friends; follow and interact with people you like online. Online interactions can lead to real-life connections that you otherwise might not have had.

Remember: taking the initial step requires bravery but pays off. You never know who will change your life, so jump into new friendships whenever possible!

10. Connect With Mutual Friends

Connecting with mutual friends, especially if you've just moved to a new city, can be a great way to expand your social circle. Perhaps you share common interests or enjoy doing the same things as your best or closest friends.

You can start by reaching out to your shared friends, and even ask them to introduce you to new relationships. The key is to establish a genuine connection within mutual social groups, before taking things further.

Keep in mind that deep connections don't happen overnight, but rather it takes time and effort to build. Book clubs or other shared activities can also be a great way to meet people through mutual friends. So don't hesitate to socialise, as you never know where these connections might take you.

11. Attend a Meet-up Event

Attending meet-ups in your 20s can help you expand your social circle. Both hobby and professional networking meet-ups provide opportunities to connect with others who share your ideals. and other local event search engines list meetups. To make the most of your meet-up, approach it with an open mind and a desire to make new friends. Introduce yourself and get to know others. Don't hesitate to share about yourself too.

After the meet-up, it's a brilliant idea to follow up the people you met with a polite email or message. This shows you are interested in getting to know them more. With this approach, Meet-ups are a fun and effective way to meet new people.

12. Join a Local Club or Sports Team

There is certainly a local club or sports team that will let you explore your interests while meeting new people, whether you prefer football, basketball, tennis, art, reading, or cooking.

Joining a group or team forces you to work with others and improves your social skills. This can boost your confidence and sense of belonging, surrounded by a supportive group of like minded individuals.

Taking part in a neighbourhood club or sports team is enjoyable! After a hard day at work, playing your favourite sport or hobby will help you unwind. Join a club today! You never know who or what you'll encounter!

13. Join a Book Club

Reading groups are a fantastic way to meet new individuals. Reading groups are great for discussing books and introduce you to like-minded people. These groups usually meet monthly, but many offer smaller groups or online forums for readers to connect.

Selecting a group that matches your reading tastes, whether creative fiction or historical non-fiction, might also enhance your experience. Reading groups can help you discover new genres and authors while making new acquaintances. Being part of a reading group may be the perfect way to meet new people and read great books.

14. Practice Mindfulness and Self-Care

It's crucial to have a healthy self-image before connecting with others. Practicing mindfulness and self-care can lead to improved confidence, reduced stress levels, and inner peace. Every day, assess your emotional and physical health and engage in activities such as taking a calming bath, reading a nice book, or spending time in nature.

Self-care makes it easier to make new acquaintances. Meditation and yoga can help you understand your thoughts and feelings, making it simple to empathise with others. Prioritising your health will help you feel more confident in new social circumstances, making it easier to form meaningful relationships.

14. Practice Mindfulness and Self-Care

It's crucial to have a healthy self-image before connecting with others. Practicing mindfulness and self-care can lead to improved confidence, reduced stress levels, and inner peace. Every day, assess your emotional and physical health and engage in activities such as taking a calming bath, reading a nice book, or spending time in nature.

Self-care makes it easier to make new acquaintances. Meditation and yoga can help you understand your thoughts and feelings, making it simple to empathise with others. Prioritising your health will help you feel more confident in new social circumstances, making it easier to form meaningful relationships.

15. Go on a “Friend” Date

Going on a "friend" date can lead to a new friendship. A "friend" date usually entails going out for coffee, hiking, or trying a new restaurant. The key is to find a shared interest and comfortable level of communication. 

Talk about your interests, hobbies, and passions during the date. Be yourself and share your life stories, while also showing interest in their lives also. Instead of worrying if everything is going on well, enjoy the moment. If the outing goes well, suggest another one.

Don't force it if there's no chemistry. A "friend" date is a fun, low-pressure method to meet new people and develop important friendships.

16. Bond With Your New Co-workers

Making pals in your 20s is easy with similar people in the workplace. You may not realise it, but working long hours gives you the chance to make friends with people who share similar interests.

To build a connection with someone, show an interest in their personal lives. Ask about their hobbies or how they spend their free time. This will reveal their personality, hobbies, and values. Listen carefully and remember what they say. If you have something in common, discuss or plan around those interests. For example, invite them on a weekend hike or to attend a charity event if that's their passion.

Join your coworkers in off-duty activities and connect with them as social media followers. Participate in company sports or charitable events and write a blog post about the experience which will allow you to share your thoughts with others . Doing so lets you get to know your coworkers outside of work.

Start a lunch club with your coworkers to eat out once a week and discover new cuisines. Most importantly, respect limits and know that while it's fine to socialise with coworkers, everyone deserves their space. Following these steps will help you form enduring friendships with coworkers.

17. Contact Some of Your Social Media Friends in the Area

Social media has made global communication easier than ever. It's also useful for meeting friends locally. Start by looking through your friend list to see if there are any nearby connections.

Reach out to them with a friendly note asking if they like to meet out, grab coffee, or go for a walk. If they frequently attend local events you're interested in, ask if you can join them.

Remember, the worst that can happen is they say no, so reach out to someone else. With social media, meeting new friends and building lasting relationships has been made easier.

All in All

Building meaningful friendships and new connections with like-minded people in your 20s is incredibly fulfilling and fun. Don't be afraid to socialize and join clubs where you can meet individuals who share your interests. It's not just limited to making friends with strangers; you can also reconnect with family members and old acquaintances.

Building a social circle takes patience, honesty, and kindness towards oneself and others. With these ideas and an optimistic outlook, you can make friends in your 20s who will encourage your growth and overall well-being.